What is an SCU & How are the SCU charges for BSP Calculated?

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TitleWhat is an SCU & How are the SCU charges for BSP Calculated?
URL NameWhat-is-an-SCU-How-are-the-SCU-charges-for-BSP-Calculated
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SCU fees include the services provided by IATA for SCU processing. A Standard Charging Unit (SCU) equates to one transaction passing through the Data Processing Centre (DPC) and included on the BSP Agent and Airline Billing Reports. Core processing of SCUs covers the electronic processing of the agents and airlines activity record and its incorporation into an electronic standard billing output. The new charging module that is effective from 1st January 2014 is on a cost recovery principal through a transaction based pricing, the prices are set up using a tier model. You may refer to the example explanation of the calculation that too was published and send to all members a copy of the same (http://New Charging Policy 2014 FAQ (pdf)) is available on our airline billing website .Though the calculation of the unit price in the example is based on the initial price i.e. USD1.00 the logic behind the calculation remains the same.  
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