What is an Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD)?

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TitleWhat is an Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD)?
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EMD is an official IATA standard document to facilitate fulfillment of optional/ancillaries services.

This document is used for airlines sales, direct or via travel agencies connected to a Global Distribution System (GDS), but also for services delivery at the airport and revenue collection by airlines revenue accounting system.

EMD works like an e-Ticket (ET): an IATA standard document is issued for the services, a receipt is issued to the customer, and value coupons are stored in an electronic record in airline's system.

You can come across two types of EMD: ·
  1. EMD-S (Stand Alone): it is not to be lifted with an ET, may be used independently of an ET
  2. EMD-A (Associated to ET): it is lifted with the associated ET.
The standard is defined in IATA Passenger Service Conference Resolution Manual (PSCRM), in resolutions 725f, 725g, 725h.
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