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What is New BSPlink?
New BSPlink is the new and enhanced version of the BSPlink system.

How can I find out more about New BSPlink in the Customer Portal?
After logging in to the Customer Portal, click on “Support” > “Travel” > “BSPlink Operations/Passenger” > “New BSPlink”.

What is the difference between Classic BSPlink and New BSPlink?
New BSPlink is a new and enhanced version which will replace Classic BSPlink.

What is the Beta version of New BSPlink? 
It is a fully functional platform, available for use before the official activation of New BSPlink. You can switch between Classic BSPlink and the Beta version anytime. 

How can I access the Beta version?
Log in to Classic BSPlink and click on the Beta version button located on the header.
 If you cannot see the button, it means the Beta version is still not released in your BSP. We will let you know when that happens. 

Can I use both Classic BSPlink and Beta version? 
Yes, you may use either. You can switch between versions anytime. 

How do I go back to Classic BSPlink from the Beta version?
By clicking on the Classic BSPlink button located in the header. 

Did business processes change in New BSPlink? 
No, all business processes remain the same.  Our New BSPlink is all about user-friendly functions and an enhanced user experience. 

How can I learn about the functions and features available in New BSPlink?
Check out the FAQ related to New BSPlink - Training. 

Can I use my current BSPlink login credentials to access the Beta version?
Yes, all current BSPlink users can access the Beta version with their current personal credentials.

Why am I not able to access New BSPlink directly? 
Before New BSPlink replaces Classic BSPlink, the Beta version will allow you to get acquainted with it. 

Should I work in the Beta version or Classic BSPlink? 
We recommend you work in the Beta version as much as possible to get acquainted with the new screens and functions in New BSPlink. 

When will the Beta version be available for my BSPs? 
You will be informed two months before the Beta version is available in your BSP/Country.

When will New BSPlink replace Classic BSPlink?  
Classic BSPlink will continue to be functional until all customers are familiar with New BSPlink’s functions and features. 

When will the Classic BSPlink be not accessible (decommissioned)? 
We will inform you with enough time in advance. 

Will there be any disruption to the service when changing to New BSPlink?
No. We will make sure business continues as per normal worldwide.

I found an issue in New BSPlink (Beta version). How do I report it?
If you encounter any issues, please contact us through the Customer Portal . Thank you!  

What language can I use in New BSPlink? 
Currently English and Spanish. More languages will be added soon. 

Why are certain functions missing in the Beta version?  
Some functions are under development and will be released in the Beta version soon. You can use the Classic BSPlink for any missing function.
Functions available in the Beta version also depend on your current BSPlink profile (Enhanced or Basic)

Do I need to update my profile in the New BSPlink?
No, all settings configured in Classic BSPlink remain applicable in New BSPlink. 

Do Classic BSPlink and Beta version share the same data (tickets, SAFs, files)?
Both systems are synchronized in real time and share the same data. Any action in one system will be automatically replicated in the other. 

Is there any change for SFTP connection in New BSPlink? 
Any SFTP connection setup in Classic BSPlink will remain valid in New BSPlink. You do not need to perform any additional setup. 

Where can I find my files in New BSPlink?
You can download the files (billing reports, communications, etc.) under the menu Files > Reports.

Can I switch to other BSPs in the Beta version?
No, not until all BSPs are migrated to New BSPlink. 

I am using macros or robots in Classic BSPlink. Will it work on New BSPlink?
Probably not. All screen has been redesigned in New BSPlink for enhanced user experience.

Is there any training on New BSPlink?  
Tutorial videos are available on Youtube and you can also download them from the ‘New BSPlink -Tutorial videos’ section . You can access the tutorial videos clicking here .

I do not have an account in the IATA Customer Portal. Can I still access the training materials?
No. Please create an account in order to access to the training materials.

I cannot access YouTube. How can I watch the tutorial videos?
You can download the tutorial videos here.

Can my company request an intensive training from IATA on New BSPlink?
New BSPlink provides more intuitive functions and screens, so existing BSPlink users can easily learn how to use it by watching the tutorial videos. 

I cannot follow the training due to the current COVID-19 crisis.  Can I train later? Can I use New BSPlink without training?
We highly recommend you watch the tutorial videos before you use the Beta version. 

Can I watch the tutorial videos in my language? 
Subtitles are available in the 15 languages of the Customer Portal: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Indonesian, Thai.
Just set up your Customer Portal in your preferred language. 

How can I access the training portal of New BSPlink? 
Please request your user credential for this training portal. Go to the ‘New BSPlink - Training portal’ section for more information about the process or download a user guide here.

I have found an issue in the training portal. How should I report it?
If you encounter any issues, please contact us through the Customer Portal . Thank you!


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