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How can we pay the IATA annual fee?

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TitleHow can we pay the IATA annual fee?
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Each year, every Head Office location will receive by November an Annual Fee invoice for all their active locations for the following year. 

The amount and the payment method will be clearly specified on the invoice. The amount will be charged directly in your Billing Statement for BSP or CASS whenever possible. In countries where a BSP/CASS collection is not available, you will be required to pay the invoice either via Bank Transfer or per Credit Card using PaymentLink.

For further information on how to proceed for the Credit Card payment, you can watch our short video tutorial “How can I pay my invoice via PaymentLink through the IATA Customer Portal?”

Failure to pay the annual fee invoice amount by the specified due date will result in IATA taking non- compliance actions in accordance with the Resolution. 



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