How can I open an IATA EasyPay account?

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TitleHow can I open an IATA EasyPay account?
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IATA EasyPay is a voluntary payment option that is available to all accredited Agents provided they have an IATA EasyPay Account open with available funds.

To activate & use IATA EasyPay for your agency, you simply follow the below 4 steps:


1. Access to the IATA EasyPay Portal is available through IATA Customer Portal via URL: Please remember that Portal user needs to have both Administrator and Legal Authorized Signatory privileges to access IATA EasyPay service. If you are an Administrator but you do not have Legal Authorized Signatory privilege, you can assign yourself as shown in screenshots below:


- Go to Company Profile



- Click Contacts




- From the list, find your user and click Edit button. There, you can choose Legal Authorized Signatory and save. Now, you have the privilege!




Here you can see how to access IATA EasyPay service in the Customer Portal.


- Go to "Services" from header



- Click "Available Services"



- Click "Open IATA EasyPay account"




2. Register a bank account in IATA EasyPay


3. Add funds to your IATA EasyPay Wallet


4. Generate IATA EasyPay numbers


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