How can I as an Airline user issue an ADM/ACM?

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TitleHow can I as an Airline user issue an ADM/ACM?
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The Airline user can issue an ADM (Agent Debit Memo) or an ACM (Agent Credit Memo) in the BSPlink for Agents. There are three ways to issue ADM/ACMs: 1. ADM/ACM manually issued 'On-Line' 2. ADM/ACM issued via the "Document Enquiry (TAIP)" option 3. ADM/ACM Mass Upload. You can find instructions by downloading the manuals available on BSPPlink home page , please download the Airline Manual in the ?Download Centre?. For any further help, you can also click on the question mark on the left hand side at the top of your BSPlink account and access the help page of the application.
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